Next-generation interactive learning
with business simulations.

Business Learning through Gamification

How did you learn to walk as a child? We bet your parents didn’t take you through a neat presentation with do’s and don’ts. We bet they didn’t hand you a manual to figure it out. You learned by actually doing it.

Learning by Doing is the mantra which we constantly keep applying to every learning experience and most importantly to business education.


What We Do provides a unique digital simulation platform where you get to, in the true sense of the word, learn.

About Us

We are a team of change agents that wants to disrupt how business learning & training is imparted in India.
By offering experiential and interactive learning solutions to business and management schools, we aim to aid them in enhancing learning outcomes and build better leadership for the emerging Indian Economy.

Why Business Learning through gamification

Easy to Use

An easy-to-use e-platform that sets up your simulation in minutes. Running the simulation is as simple as point and click. Automated review makes presenting results and feedback to students easy.

Team Spirit

Driving business results by collaborating with different business departments and roles.

Learn by doing

The interactive learning platform is designed on the simple yet powerful premise of ‘learning by doing’. Employees make a useful contribution to the organization and appreciate the consequences of their decisions through various simulations.

Unique facilitator system

The simulation is equipped with useful features to support the facilitator in delivering a great session. These help set-up, manage, deliver and review each simulation effectively

Simulated Environment

Simulated business environment that offers students the freedom to make mistakes and actual decisions without suffering real losses.The interactive learning platform is designed on the simple yet powerful premise of ‘learning by doing’ through various simulations.

Fun Based Learning

Fun, exciting, and competitive, Rocket infuses a strong narrative into simulated scenarios around each decision area. As opposed to simply working with figures on Excel, students experience real learning with storyline-based scenarios.


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