Gamification in Academic Learning

“Before students go out into the real word, educators must ensure they’re ready to face its multifarious challenges. Take academic pedagogy one-step ahead by combining it with technology. With Rocket, you deliver a truly powerful learning experience to your students.


usiness and management courses are all about learning effective decision making. Leadership decisions naturally come with great responsibility, owing to the far-reaching impact they have across an organization. We figured studying textbooks wasn’t the best way to improve decision-making ability. So we combined classroom teaching with a simulated business environment to bridge the gap between theory and practice


ocket is a future generation of digital platform that offers simulation-based learning to complement business courses. Students test their strategic and analytical skills through decision-making situations. By thinking on their feet to adapt to changing organizational and market environments, they are able to develop crucial business skills that theoretical information is not equipped toimpart.


ocket enables students to run their own virtual organization. Much like in real life, teams compete against each other to gain market share in a simulated business environment. While the right decisions lead to success, the wrong ones serve as a lesson in problem-solving experiences. Throughout the game, the focus is on making business learning practical and fun. By gamifying business concepts, Rocket encourages students to make decisions in a secure environment.


ecause management education is also about collaboration, in the form of various activities, case studies etc., Rocket takes a collaborative approach to learning by doing. Presentations and group projects are not enough to prepare students for their professional lives, you need something more. Something that gives a strong, real flavor of what it’s like out there.


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